Fee Schedule

Effective March 2023 and subject to change.

Discovery Visits:

I do things differently. In order to provide a high level of personalized care and support you in transforming your health, our first two visits are longer than what is common in even the naturopathic medicine profession. I take the time to hear your story, perform a thorough assessment of your health concerns, explain my findings, share insight and create a comprehensive treatment strategy just for you.

Following your first visit, you receive preliminary treatment advice and a requisition for lab work that serves to get to the bottom of your concerns and inform our decisions about treatment. You have time to ask me those burning questions and gain new insights into your health. I advise you of the costs associated with treatment and testing options so you feel informed and in control.

1st Visit: Initial Assessment and Preliminary Treatment: $450 (allow up to 120 min.)

During your second visit we review my findings and put together a comprehensive plan for your treatment, building upon any recommendations from your first visit. You receive detailed information about your assessment and treatment recommendations so you know what your lab results mean and understand the treatment options presented. Following your visit I spend some more time thinking about you before sending a personalized roadmap that sets you up for success in achieving your health goals.

2nd Visit: Review of Findings + Comprehensive Treatment Strategy $350 (allow up to 90 min.)

Momentum Visits:

Following your first two Discovery Visits, we meet periodically for Momentum Visits so I may support you in taking action on my recommendations, troubleshoot any challenges you may encounter and monitor your progress as you move with confidence towards your health goals. This is also an opportunity to address other health concerns that were not top of mind when you initially came to see me. For example, once a digestive illness is in remission, we shift our focus to your hormonal health, blood sugar or cardiovascular disease prevention.

$225 (allow up to 60 min.)

$175 (allow up to 45 min)

Quick Check-in Visits:

Once you reach a certain milestone in your health journey that I like to call Feeling A Heck of A Lot Better, shorter visits are available for those who seek ongoing support but need less time with me. This is an opportunity to receive coaching that keeps you motivated and accountable to taking good care of the investment you have made in your health and wellness. You don’t have to do it alone.

$125 (allow up to 30 min.)

Reactivation Visits:

Reactivation Visits are for returning patients who have not been seen in the last 2-3 years and have new or complex concerns to discuss. I take the time to reassess your health with care, discuss any new concerns or goals and revisit where we left off in order to provide you with a high level of individualized care.

$300 (allow 75-90 min)

Cancellation Policy

Your appointment time is reserved just for you and occupies a significant amount of time in my schedule. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please provide me with at least 48 hours notice so I may offer the appointment time to a patient on the waiting list. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice significantly affect my livelihood and will result in a $50 charge to cover my basic overhead costs.

Lab Fees

All fees associated with lab testing will be disclosed to you in advance of proceeding with the recommended testing. There is no markup on lab testing, only a small fee to cover the costs I incur each time I send a patient to LifeLabs or Dynacare Lab. I rely on standard diagnostic tests using blood, stool and sometimes breath, which are considered evidence based tests and the standard of care. I tend not to recommend functional medicine testing that is common in my industry due to a lack of scientific evidence. Patients will receive an itemized official receipt for any lab fees.

Direct Billing

I direct bill most insurance companies. Please have your health benefits information on hand if you wish for me to direct bill your visit fees.

Letters and Forms

My fee for writing letters or completing forms on your behalf is calculated based on $200/hour.

Medical Doctor Fees

In the event that I incur a fee for requesting copies of your lab results, imaging reports or other medical records from your family doctor or specialist, these fees will be passed on to you. I will only request such items with your written consent.

Other Costs

There is no obligation to purchase supplements, herbal products or nutraceuticals from my dispensary. Patients may obtain recommended natural health products wherever they choose.