About Aranka

I bet you want to know how to pronounce my name: it’s “Ahh-RUN-ka”. Technically you’re supposed to roll the “R” but don’t worry if you can’t; I answer to a number of variations and won’t be offended if you botch the pronunciation. Call me Dr. Jones if you’d like to be more formal or “AJ” if you’d rather not.

I grew up in Blue Mountain and Collingwood, Ontario, where I spent my childhood skiing, climbing trees, catching frogs and swimming in Southern Georgian Bay. Surrounded by artists and endless material for inspiration, I spent a lot of time drawing, painting and making. The rest of the time I had my nose in a book. I left this paradise for the University of Guelph to study biological science where I became interested in nutrition and botanical medicine. After seeing a naturopathic doctor for my own health challenges at the time I realized the profession was a natural fit. After graduating I attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Four years later I completed the Doctor of Naturopathy program and moved back to my hometown of Collingwood where I opened a naturopathic practice. I have been serving my community ever since, working in solo practice as well as multidisciplinary settings. After experiencing long COVID I took my practice online, offering telemedicine to people across Ontario seeking my level of experience and care.

I have a special interest in caring and advocating for people with digestive concerns and mental health conditions. I assist people in navigating their best options for a thorough assessment and comprehensive treatment, integrating conventional medical knowledge with natural medicine. My patients feel informed and empowered to take action in their healthcare like never before.

When I’m not in the office you’ll find me skiing, riding my bike to the farmers’ market, hugging trees and exploring Georgian Bay on my paddle board. If you can’t find me I’m probably in my kitchen preparing handmade pasta or gallivanting around the Mediterranean or Pacific Northwest with my husband.