Policies and fees

During your initial visit we will discuss your medical history, health concerns and goals for treatment, review or request lab results and imaging reports from your family doctor or specialist, and review current medications to screen you for interactions, nutrient depletions and side effects. I will make recommendations for improving your regimen where needed, review dietary and lifestyle patterns to understand how they affect your health, make preliminary treatment recommendations and order lab testing required to make additional treatment decisions.

During your second visit we will review any lab results and/or requested health records and discuss response to any treatment started after your first visit. I will recommend additional treatment options and share resources to help you implement these. We will determine a timeline for monitoring your response to treatment and schedule any subsequent visits according to your unique needs.

Communication Policy

  • If questions about your care arise between scheduled visits, please direct these to my office manager or schedule an appointment or phone call so I may assist you.
  • Kindly reserve email and text messaging with me for scheduling purposes only. I cannot provide medical advice outside a visit and will ask you to schedule an appointment or phone call in order to properly assist you.

Cancellation Policy

  • I am self employed and earn a living through visit fees alone. A significant amount of  my personal resources are devoted to your appointments. Missed visits and last minute cancellations result in lost income and operational costs I cannot recover. 
  • Please provide at least 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule visits. This gives me enough time to offer the appointment time to my waiting list. 
  • Failure to provide 48 hours notice will result in being billed for the full cost of the visit (unless you have or suspect you have COVID in which case please let us know and we will waive the cancellation fee).
  • If you are suddenly unable to attend a visit in person, please contact us to request that our visit take place over the phone or Zoom. This often works very well.

Privacy Policy

  • Your personal and medical information is kept strictly confidential and will not be released to anyone without your written consent unless I am ordered to do so by law. 
  • Your visits may take place in person, by phone or using a secure telemedicine platform/video chat when appropriate. 
  • The most secure method for accessing your treatment recommendations and lab results is by using our patient portal. Please ask for assistance if you cannot access the patient portal. Printed copies of your documents are available upon request. 
  • You may request that we release treatment plans and lab results to you by email although we cannot guarantee your privacy when sharing documents via email.
  • At my discretion, lab results containing abnormal or sensitive findings will only be released to you during a visit or phone call so that I may appropriately communicate my findings. Otherwise you may request copies of lab results any time as long as lab fees have been paid in full. There is no charge for sharing your lab results.
  • You may request a copy of your health records in writing at any time. An administrative fee will be charged to cover the cost of copying/printing/courier where necessary. Please inquire for an estimate.

Financial Policy

  • Payment for visit fees is due in full at the end of each visit. Methods of payment include debit, credit, cash, cheque issued to Be Well Collingwood or e-transfer sent to info@bewellcollingwood.com. You may also pay online via the invoices emailed to you.
  • Payment for lab tests is due at the time that tests are ordered. A detailed breakdown of relevant lab fees will be made available to you before testing is performed.
  • If you have health benefits for naturopathic medicine and would like us to direct bill your insurance company, please notify us in advance so we may coordinate this for you, or bring your health plan details to your appointment. 
  • You will be provided with official receipts for all transactions. If you misplace receipts or require a report at year end for income tax purposes, please request this at any time. 

Dispensary Policy

  • If you chose to purchase natural health products from the clinic dispensary or from my online dispensary, products are intended for your personal use only. Please do not share or purchase for other people unless they are under my care. 
  • In order to ensure your safety, you may only purchase natural health products from the clinic or online dispensary if (1) you have seen me within the previous 12 months to discuss your continued use of the product in question; (2) there have been no changes to your prescription medications; (3) you do not develop new health challenges or receive a new diagnosis. 
  • At my discretion, individuals with certain health concerns or taking certain products will be required to see me prior to purchasing refills if the product poses a unique health risk if not properly monitored (i.e. iron supplements).
  • If you do not wish to engage in ongoing care, I cannot be held responsible for adverse outcomes that result from your continued use of natural health products obtained elsewhere or used without appropriate monitoring.  
  • Products purchased from the clinic dispensary may be returned for a credit within 30 days of purchase as long as they do not require refrigeration, remain unopened and do not appear damaged in any way. 
  • Products ordered through my online dispensary (Fullscript) are subject to their return policy; please contact Fullscript customer service should you encounter any issues.
Fee Schedule 
Effective December 2020
Fees are subject to change over time
Adults & teens 16+
Initial Visit (allow 90-120 minutes)$360
Second Visit (allow 75-90 min)$240
Subsequent visits vary in length based upon your needs and goals for treatment. Visits are booked as 60 minutes by default or at my discretion. In the event that more or less time is required than what was booked, your visit fee will be automatically adjusted to reflect this. 
90 min$270
75 min$225
60 min$180
45 min$150
30 min$100
20 min$75
Children (up to 15 years of age)
Initial Visit (allow up to 60 minutes)$180
Second Visit (allow 45-60 min)$150-180
Subsequent visitsAs above
Letters & Forms: My fee for writing letters and completing forms on your behalf is calculated based on this hourly rate.$180/hr
Medical Doctor Fees: If I incur any fees for requesting copies of your lab results or medical records from other doctors they will be passed on to you. I will only request copies of your lab results and medical records with your written authorization.Variable
Lab Fees: All fees associated with lab testing will be disclosed to you in advance and an itemized invoice will be provided.Please inquire