Fee Schedule effective January 2023

Adults & teenagers:
1st Visit (120 minutes)$375
2nd Visit (90 min)$275
Follow-up visits vary in length based upon your needs and goals for treatment. In the event that more or less time is required than what was booked, your visit fee will be adjusted to reflect this:
90 min$275
75 min$235
60 min$189
45 min$150
30 min$100
20 min$80

1st Visit (60 minutes)$189
Follow-up Visits (see above)See above

Cancellations: Your appointment time is reserved just for you and occupies a significant amount of time in my workday. A late cancellation or missed visit leaves a hole in my schedule that could have been filled by another patient. If you need to cancel or reschedule with less than 48 hours notice, your card on file will be charged a fee of $50 to cover basic administrative costs.$50
Letters & Forms: My fee for writing letters and completing forms on your behalf is calculated based on this hourly rate.$200/hr
Medical Doctor Fees: In the event that I incur any fees for requesting copies of your lab results or medical records from other doctors, which I will only do with your written consent, these fees will be passed on to you. This occurs infrequently but it can happen.$25-50
Lab Fees: All fees associated with lab testing will be disclosed to you in advance of proceeding with that testing. An itemized official receipt will be provided.Please inquire
Fees updated January 2023 and subject to change over time.