Ready, Set, DETOX.

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After a long cold winter, suddenly the world outside is green and bursting with new life. Do you feel it? In a matter of days I noticed my energy shift from sluggish and introverted to bubbling with excitement. Sunshine is a wonderful thing for the soul! And spring is the perfect time to harness this vibrant new energy for a redeemed sense of wellness.

For the first time in a long time I’m doing a detox. I’m not talking about fasting or living on juice, sprouts and prana for a week. I’m talking about a practical and totally do-able lifestyle makeover using common sense, whole foods and a healthy dose of self love to clear out what’s not working and what’s weighing me down to make room for all kinds of goodness.

I have nothing against juicing or eating sprouts, by the way. Fresh juice and sprouts are fantastic! But I don’t support those trendy cleanses that restrict calories and important nutrients, making you feel lethargic and cranky. These programs actually waste muscle mass and make you feel hangry (read: hungry + angry. Learn the word). Quality protein and carbohydrates, for instance, are essential for optimal liver detoxification function AND you need them to fuel your energy to make it through a busy day.

Being hangry sucks. And muscles are cool.

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Detoxing the wrong way can set you back and sabotage your efforts to be healthy. It can even be dangerous. If you’re going to detox, get medical advice to do it right.

Detoxification and “toxins” are commonly misunderstood. Think of it this way: we pollute the crap out of the planet and that junks up our food, air and water. Then we slather on toxic personal care products and expose ourselves to all kinds of nasties, like new car smell, plastic food packaging, building materials, dry-cleaning, and sometimes even toxic people. Then we keep doing it over and over again, concentrating various toxins in our adipose tissue where they remain stuck for years.

A detox program is all about stopping the madness by 1. reducing exposure to toxic substances and 2. increasing their elimination.

1. Reducing exposure involves making better dietary choices, like choosing organic meat and veg to avoid pesticides, knowing which fish are the least contaminated with heavy metals, reducing sugar, processed grains and foods to which you are allergic or intolerant, and consuming specific foods that help your organs of elimination do their job. It also includes brushing up on healthier lifestyle habits, like drinking cleaner water, using safe personal care and household products, keeping plastic away from what you eat and drink, moving your body/breathing/sweating to blow off steam and reducing exposure to unnecessary stress and toxic thought patterns. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being better.

2. Increasing elimination involves making sure your organs of elimination are doing their job. Like any hard working team member, your detox organs need an occasional performance review from the boss. Liver stagnant from too much stress, booze and rock n roll? Maybe he needs a holiday. Large intestine running behind on her daily delivery? Maybe she needs to learn how to let it go. With the right support (balanced diet, medicinal foods, herbs, supplements, mind-body strategies) you can get them to pull up their socks for the greater good of team You.

While anyone living on planet earth should consider a detox at some point for obvious reasons (smog, tuna melts) some of us need to detox more than others. Here are some conditions and symptoms that may be clues you’re toxic:



Autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus)

Brain fog


Chronic fatigue

Chronic infections

Chemical sensitivity



Difficulty losing weight




Neurological conditions

Poor memory


My 10 day detox program is a great way to dramatically boost your energy and sense of wellbeing in the short term. Some of the strategies take as little as 10 minutes to implement and have same day effects. Others will take a little preparation and practice but once you master them, you’ll enjoy benefits in 10 months, 10 years and beyond.

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Ready to detox with me? Get more details here.