Treat the root cause of weight gain.

Many factors aside from eating too much contribute to unwanted weight gain, including food allergies or sensitivities, inflammation, hormones, emotions, stress and toxins. Since obesity is a major risk factor for cancer, heart disease and diabetes, getting to the root cause of your struggle is a top priority to help you feel better and prevent illness in the future.

Here are a few clues as to why you have trouble losing weight:

Allergies – Did you know that food allergies can make you gain weight? IgG-mediated food allergies (sometimes referred to as food sensitivities or delayed food allergies) are common triggers for weight gain. Other symptoms associated with food allergies include bloating, constipation, depression, joint pain and skin rashes. Lab testing can determine whether or not you suffer from a food allergy.

Inflammation – Your diet and lifestyle habits may be contributing to a state of chronic inflammation. Aside from causing arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, inflammation fuels a voracious appetite, food cravings and weight gain. Lab testing can identify levels of inflammation in your body. Treatments rooted in nutrition and herbal medicine can be of great benefit.

Hormones/Mind-Body – Adrenal and thyroid hormones can become unbalanced due to stress, emotions, lifestyle factors, nutritional deficiencies and dietary habits, allowing unwanted weight to accumulate rapidly – and usually around the mid-section. Lab tests are available to identify and guide treatment of these hormonal conditions. Addressing the mind-body connection is also vital for weight loss success since your thoughts and emotions impact your metabolic rate.

Toxins – Many toxins accumulate in our fat tissue. A toxic body will hold on to excess fat to dilute one’s toxic burden, making weight loss impossible without detoxification. Additionally, some toxins are called obesogens because they directly trigger weight gain. Understanding sources of exposure to toxins gives you the power to take control of this increasingly important aspect of maintaining a healthy body weight.

Get the facts – Many patients are shocked to learn that their supposedly healthy dietary habits are actually working against them, leading to insulin resistance, food sensitivities and systemic  inflammation. Additionally, unbalanced hormones, stress and accumulated toxins from the environment may sabotage your best efforts. Most “diets” and weight loss programs fail to address the complex issues at the heart of obesity.

We can help – A healthy body has no reason to stay fat. Being overweight or obese is a symptom of an underlying imbalance or disease process. Instead of counting calories, restricting food groups and waging war at the gym until you’re blue in the face, let us help you identify and treat the cause of your weight problem. Your body will do the rest. Our complete assessment includes a detailed health history, body composition analysis and laboratory testing. Treatment is individualized and incorporates elements of nutrition and food therapy, lifestyle counselling, mind-body medicine and herbal medicine.

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